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  • Muscle Mass burns more calories Muscle eats fat

    How Increased Muscle Mass Eats Fat Introduction: Muscle and Fat Developing muscle and losing fat are two of the most common health and fitness goals, but many people approach health and fitness with a mis-match between their goals and methods. Whilst many of us are aiming at developing a toned, lean physique by reducing bodyfat [...] Continue Reading
  • Intermittent Fasting for fat loss Intermittent Fasting

    Intermittent fasting and fat loss: how and why? Intermittent fasting has been a popular topic of discussion lately with a wide variety of scientific and ‘less-scientific’ perspectives being exchanged. The majority of the discussion so far has been related to anecdotal evidence, and its easy to see that the discussion hasn’t been enlightening for most [...] Continue Reading
  • how weight loss works How Does Weight Loss Work?
    A No Nonsense Guide

    Liam RodgersLiam Rodgers is an under-23 Olympic weightlifter, coach and full-time writer with a passion for everything human performance. With a history of coaching and writing that started at only 19, he’s been continually involved with the sports, fitness and health industry for around 3.5 years. His writing attempts to provide complex, informative information in […]

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